Trafford Borough Council Meeting Minutes

October 3rd, 2023  


1.       Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:03pm.  


2.       Moment of Silence & Pledge of Allegiance


3.       Roll Call: done by Nina Mulnix


Council present: Councilmember Cardiff, Councilmember Bayko, Councilmember Dapra, Councilmember Perovich, Councilmember Shoub. 


Council not present: Councilmember Cole, Councilmember Corrales.


Other staff present: Mayor Llewellyn, Solicitor Craig Alexander, Borough Manager Jaime Peticca, Borough Secretary Nina Mulnix, Engineer Don Glenn.


4.       Notice of Executive Session held October 3rd ,2023 for matters of personnel and litigation.


5.       Approve the September 5th, 2023, Regular Council Meeting minutes.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Dapra   

b.     Second: Councilmember Perovich

c.      Discussion: No discussion  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)


6.       Approve the September 2023 expense voucher list.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub  

b.     Second: Councilmember Bayko

c.      Discussion: No discussion  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)



7.       Public Comment

a.      Public Comment for all matters which the public has concern.  No public comment or questions on agenda items will be received after this point.

b.     Public comment for motions not listed on the agenda will be received when called for.

c.      Borough Response.


Dan Juliussen: (221 Ridgecrest Court) Wanted to address concerns where last month’s meeting left off.  Mr. Juliussen spoke to some communication that was sent to all of council and is looking for assurance that ownership of the road and the sewage in their development will be resolved with the borough taking ownership. Mr. Juliussen requested to have a vote on record if there were any issues with the ownership.


Borough Response: Councilmember Cardiff responded that a response will be provided under Engineer Don Glenn’s report.   


8.       Report from Borough Engineer, Glenn Engineering

a.      Report submitted.

Don Glenn reported his office submitted paperwork to Harrisburg for reimbursement of funds for the LSA grant in the amount of 290,200, for the borough’s paving project that was completed in the summer. The next item discussed was the low volume dirt road grant that is in the process for Hird Road. It will be done in two phases due to the distribution of funds. Glenn Engineering is providing a scope of work to be submitted with the application. There is another grant in the process, it’s the CBDG grant for 6th street park and the LSA grant for the Cavitt lot. Don Glenn provided an update on the flow monitoring report: there were two rain events with no bypasses. One event on September 23rd with 3.8 hours of rain and September 28th, with 5 hours of rain. A more detailed report will be generated when the information is analyzed by Alcosan. The last item discussed was Ridgecrest Court. Permission was given to Glenn Engineering by the borough to advertise paving for the final seal of the road in the Ridgecrest Court development. Several contractors have been contacted and they are still very busy finishing out the season. We will position the advertisement to hold the price quoted for the job in the event the paving would have to be completed in the spring and the price could increase. The sewer cleanout issues on Ridgecrest Court have been located and resolved.

b.     Public comment on Mr. Glenn’s report

Mayor Llewellyn- asked if the paving isn’t completed by the spring does that mean we don’t take over the road?


Don Glenn replied that is something to discuss with the borough solicitor. It was suggested that the road could be taken over subject to the work being done.


Solicitor Alexander- asked when it was anticipated that the road would be paved?


Don Glenn replied- one contractor stated that there may be a possibility it could be completed by the end of fall. Others stated they are too busy with projects to complete the work. It was Don Glenn’s recommendation to put some verbiage together that allows the borough to take over the road.


Solicitor Alexander- responded that the borough can accept and take over the sewage and that action can be placed on the November agenda.


Solicitor Alexander- asked Mr. Juliussen if that address and answered his concerns and questions.


Mr. Juliussen- replied yes and thanked everyone involved for the resolution.


c.      Glenn Engineering dismissed from meeting.


9.       Mayor’s Report – Mayor Llewellyn read a combined police report for the month of August & September to councilmembers and the public. Mayor Llewellyn spoke about speeding concerns happening on Sixth Street and South Trafford that a resident spoke about in the last discussion meeting: The police are monitoring those areas, and they will compile the data and it will be reported on at the November meeting. Mayor Llewellyn also stated that any time someone calls the police, there needs to be clear information given when it comes to requesting to file a police report or pressing charges. Those requests mean different things. When attempting to press criminal charges against an individual the police chief or sergeant takes the information to the District Attorney’s office for review of evidence to establish if there is strong enough evidence to file charges and pursue a case.


10.    Committee Reports

a.      Community & Economic Development (Chair Steve Perovich/Co-chair Jesse Dapra)

Councilmember Perovich- reported that Owen Anderson completed his Eagle scout project along Duquesne Ave leading to Veterans Memorial Park. Also a few individuals met with resident Annie Grills at the BY park and decided on placement of a Memorial bench that was requested and approved by council. Councilmember Perovich also stated there are a few new businesses that are slated to open soon, a new brewery and a coffee shop. The borough is looking forward to those opening and bringing in business to Trafford Borough.

b.     General Government & Finance (Chair Pat Bayko/Co-chair Chris Corrales)

Councilmember Bayko – reported that preparations for the 2024 budget have begun and there will be a draft budget to report on during the November meeting.

c.      Parks & Recreation (Chair Jesse Dapra/Co-chair Steve Perovich)

Councilmember Perovich reported there has not been a recreation board meeting to report any feedback from their agenda items. The recreation board is organizing a Halloween event. Councilmember Perovich deterred to Borough Manager for the information.

Manager Peticca stated that the Halloween Costume Contest will be held on Sunday October 21st from 1pm to 4pm at the Trafford American Legion. Pre-registration is required for Trafford residents only, and registration will be held in the Manchester Room on Tuesday October 10th and Thursday October 12th from 6pm to 7pm, or you could register on the Trafford Recreation Facebook page.  

d.     Planning, Property, & Ordinances (Chair Casey Shoub/Co-chair Zack Cole)

Councilmember Shoub- stated there is nothing to report, code enforcements September report will be combined with the October report and presented at the November meeting.

e.      Public Safety (Chair Chris Corrales/Co-chair Pat Bayko)

Councilmember Cardiff spoke on behalf of Councilmember Corrales – there was an email report provided about a contest to enter to win a radar sign. A thirty second comedy clip is one of the submission requirements. More information and details will be reviewed.

f.      Public Works & Sanitation (Chair Zack Cole/Co-chair Casey Shoub)

Councilmember Shoub – spoke about agenda item number 17, and thanked Lou Corrales for his service to Trafford Borough, and wished him well in his future endeavors.

g.     Junior Council Person (JCP) Report

JCP Member Greg – reported about the JCP rotation for September that took place at the DPW. The tour consisted of an overview of winter maintenance and the machinery that is used to plow. There was also a tour of the BY park where some sanitary work was performed as a demonstration. The upcoming rotation for October will be held at the County Courthouse that is an all-day event. JCP thanked Councilmember Cardiff for organizing the opportunity.

h.     President Kris Cardiff

Councilmember Cardiff- reported on the JCP rotation for September that took place at the Dept of Public Works. Councilmember Cardiff thanked Lou Corrales and stated a job well done for his presentation and demonstrations. The October JCP rotation will be held at the County Courthouse 9am to 3pm, where the JCP members will attend a commissioner meeting among other things. Members of the Irwin JCP will also be at the Courthouse attending this rotation. Councilmember Cardiff mentioned he and the JCP members participated in the fall parade at Penn Township. There is an article in the October edition of the Pennsylvania Borough News Magazine about the JCP program for Trafford Borough. Councilmember Cardiff thanked the JCP members for being part of the program and for coming up with new ideas. Councilmember Cardiff congratulated Lou Corrales and wished him well.  


11.    Managers’ Report – Manager Peticca thanked Lou Corrales for all his time and dedication over the last 10 years during his employment.  Manager Peticca stated interviews are starting for the Public Works Foreman position this week. The TECDC and Holiday Happenings Committee have begun discussions for a Holiday event on December 2nd, there are plans for a parade followed by a visit with Santa at the Manchester Room with cookies and refreshments being provided. If anyone is interested in volunteering for set up or tear down, we are looking for help please contact the borough office. The comprehensive plan updates have been finalized and the borough is looking to make an amendment to the old plan. There will be a public hearing in November for the zoning ordinance change and the LERTA tax ordinance, that meeting date will be advertised when it is known.


12.    Motion to adopt Resolution 6-2023 of the 2018 IPMC  

a.      Motion:  

b.     Second:

c.      Discussion: The agenda item was pulled from voting. Move on to item # 13.  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)


13.    Motion to approve Trick or Treat Oct 31st 6 PM-8 PM

a.      Motion: Councilmember Perovich

b.     Second: Councilmember Shoub

c.      Discussion: No discussion

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent) 


14. Motion to advertise to remove any impertinent or irrelevant Ordinance(s) ex: Dye testing. 

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub  

b.     Second: Councilmember Bayko  

c.      Discussion: No discussion  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)


15.    Motion to approve the Recreation Board Halloween Party Oct 21st at the American Legion

a.      Motion: Councilmember Perovich  

b.     Second: Councilmember Dapra  

c.      Discussion: No discussion  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)


16.    Motion to approve the purchase of a Public Works building generator from RC Watt in total of $10,562.00 with $4,531.00 due 2023 fiscal year and remainder due in 2024 with a 10-year extended warranty included a no additional cost.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub  

b.     Second: Councilmember Dapra  

c.      Discussion: No discussion  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)


17.    Motion to approve Lou Corrales’ resignation effective September 29th, 2023.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub

b.     Second: Councilmember Dapra  

c.      Discussion: Lou Corrales spoke in high regards to councilmembers past and present, the mayor and borough employees. He stated it has been an honor to be allowed to come to work for Trafford Borough everyday for the last 10 years.  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)


18.    Motion to submit the Low Volume, Dirt and Gravel Road grant application for Hird Road Improvements

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub

b.     Second: Councilmember Perovich

c.      Discussion: No discussion  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)



19.    New Business

    The Veterans Parade will be held Sunday, Nov. 11th at 10:45 am.  Lunch will be served after the program at the Legion.  All are invited to attend.


Councilmember Perovich asked if a parade was new this year, as there was never one in the past. There has always been a program never a parade.

Councilmember Cardiff stated we will confirm with the Legion.


20.    Old Business- No old business to report.  




a.      Announce the next Regular Council Meeting on November 7th, 2023, at 7:00 pm in the Council


b.     Move to adjourn: Councilmember Perovich  

c.      Second: Councilmember Dapra

d.     Discussion: No discussion

e.      Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)