Meeting Minutes for Trafford Borough Council Meeting

August 1st, 2023

1.       Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM 


2.       Moment of Silence & Pledge of Allegiance


3.       Roll Call done by Nina Mulnix  


Council present: Councilmember Bayko, Councilmember Cardiff, Councilmember Corrales,

Councilmember Dapra, Councilmember Shoub


Council not present: Councilmember Cole, Councilmember Perovich


Other staff present: Mayor Llewellyn, Solicitor Craig Alexander, Borough Manager Jaime Peticca, Borough Secretary Nina Mulnix,


Other staff not present: Engineer Don Glenn, Fire Chief Brian Lindbloom.


Solicitor Craig Alexander provided a statement regarding the Boroughs inaccessibility to upload the Council Meeting Agenda on the Borough website and how that pertains to the Sunshine Law. Solicitor Alexander stated it would be a disservice to the public not to continue the meeting. In the event there is official action taken on any agenda item, there could be some potential violation of the Sunshine Law, however that can be resolved with subsequent action by councilmembers at a future meeting date. With that statement there were no objections from the public in attendance and the council meeting continued.


4.       Notice of Executive Session held August 1st,2023 for matters of personnel and litigation.


5.       Approve the July 11th, 2023, Regular Council Meeting minutes.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Dapra  

b.     Second: Councilmember Corrales  

c.      Discussion: No discussion

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)   


6.       Approve the July 2023 expense voucher list.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Bayko

b.     Second: Councilmember Shoub  

c.      Discussion: No discussion

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)  


7.       Public Comment

a.      Public Comment for all matters which the public has concern.  No public comment or questions on agenda items will be received after this point.

b.     Public comment for motions not listed on the agenda will be received when called for.

c.      Borough Response



Mark Frydrych (7 Meadow Street) spoke to councilmembers regarding solicitation taking place in neighboring communities. Mr. Frydrych mentioned he was approached by individuals asking for money donations while holding signs asking for the same. Mr. Frydrych doesn’t see this activity happening in Trafford Borough but would like to have proactive action taken rather than reaction. It was also mentioned that there have been sights of people sleeping and camping out along the BY trail. Mr. Frydrych asked what the police can do while out on patrol and what are the rules and things in place to prevent this type of activity moving into the borough.


   Borough Response:


Borough Manager Peticca replied anytime any type of solicitation would take place, it would require an active permit. If the solicitation activity is door to door travel or standing in place. If a permit is not obtained, the Police Department can then remove those individuals from the borough. There are police patrols of the parks to ensure the safety of everyone, along with cameras to monitor those public spaces for property damage and for public safety. 


8.       Report from Borough Engineer, Glenn Engineering

a.      Report submitted. Manager Peticca spoke on behalf of Don Glenn as he was absent from the meeting. Manager Peticca read the most recent status update regarding the consent order, there has been no change. The T-11 interceptor report was not provided for this month, that will be reported at next month’s meeting. The borough is working with Don Glenn on several grant opportunities. The LSA grant for 2024 is open for applications and everyone involved is finalizing some details to improve the Cavitt parking lot. In addition to the LSA grant the borough is applying for a low volume road grant opportunity. The CDBG Block Grant is being considered for renovations to the park on 6th street.  It would replace and eliminate playground equipment and transform this area into an open enjoyable space for all ages. There is discussion about applying for a multi-modal grant, and if awarded this would be an opportunity to fix and repair the downtown Cavitt area and proceed up 6th street and include 4th street. The idea is to run all utility lines underground, provide traffic calming, curb repairs, planters, new garbage bins, and really make the area more visually appealing. There have been preliminary discussions with Duquesne Light and Penn Dot about their role with this grant and to have things in place to apply for this next year. Manager Peticca stated she is hopeful that the grant process will go smoothly and hopes the borough will be awarded them.

b.     Public comment on Mr. Glenn’s report

c.      Glenn Engineering dismissed from meeting.


9.       Mayor’s Report- The Mayor read the police report provided for the previous month of June combined with the July report. Mayor Llewellyn mentioned hiring Officer Little from his part-time position to full time that now leaves the police department with no part time officers. The borough will need to advertise a part-time position.  


10.    Committee Reports

a.      Community & Economic Development (Chair Steve Perovich/Co-chair Jesse Dapra) Councilmember Perovich was absent, there was no report.

b.     General Government & Finance (Chair Pat Bayko/Co-chair Chris Corrales)

Councilmember Bayko stated there was nothing to report.  

c.      Parks & Recreation (Chair Jesse Dapra/Co-chair Steve Perovich)

Councilmember Dapra stated there was nothing to report.  

d.     Planning, Property, & Ordinances (Chair Casey Shoub/Co-chair Zack Cole)

Councilmember Shoub reported BCO Adam Hlad had his 2nd inspection at the Brewery, and 4 occupancy inspections. Councilmember Shoub also read Code Enforcements July report to councilmembers and the public.

e.      Public Safety (Chair Chris Corrales/Co-chair Pat Bayko)

Councilmember Corrales reported that the civil service commission met to approve the hire of the full-time police officer, the vote was in favor to hire the officer. The next step is councils’ approval which is up for a vote on the agenda.

f.      Public Works & Sanitation (Chair Zack Cole/Co-chair Casey Shoub)

Councilmember Shoub reported that public works has been short staffed over the last few months and have gotten a little behind on some duties. Councilmember Shoub asked for everyone’s patience while they attempt to keep up.

g.     Junior Council Person (JCP) Report

Councilmember Cardiff stated the JCP has been absent for summer recess. The members will be returning back in September. There will be a meeting the week of August 7th to finalize the dates and schedule of activities for the program. Miss Moraca will be spearheading the program this year as a second-year participant.

h.     President Kris Cardiff-

Councilmember Cardiff reported he was introduced to a group located in Greensburg known as the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) regarding grant opportunities for communities. This group provided a list of grant opportunities that the borough could be eligible for and to review over. The list will be shared with Manager Peticca. Councilmember Cardiff welcomed the help and opportunity for funding and improvements.


11.    Managers’ Report- Manager Peticca stated she covered the grant opportunities under the Engineer’s report. Manager Peticca reported that the Planning Commission met Thursday July 27th, and made the following recommendations to council: Revising our zoning ordinance, including definitions, a new signs article, a new zoning ordinance chapter 202 regulations to a R-3 district, rezoning a few different areas, essential business district overlay, changing maps to reflect accurately. There will need to be a public hearing regarding these changes once the county has approved and made any recommendations.  


12.    Motion to hire James Little as full-time police officer based on the recommendation of the Civil Service Commission.  

a.      Motion: Councilmember Corrales

b.     Second: Councilmember Shoub

c.      Discussion: No discussion  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)



13.    Motion to advertise the Public Hearing for the Zoning Ordinance changes as reviewed and recommended by the Planning Commission.  

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub  

b.     Second: Councilmember Dapra

c.      Discussion: Councilmember Cardiff stated this was just covered in Manager Peticca’s report. Manager Peticca stated there have been about 15 meetings held over the last year with various participants. The meetings covered all proposed changes and details. The planning commission has approved those changes, and we are proceeding with the next step.

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)  


14.    Motion to advertise the Public Hearing to implement a (LERTA) Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance program for the downtown business district after the same public hearing for the Zoning Ordinance charges.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub

b.     Second: Councilmember Corrales

c.      Discussion: No discussion  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)  


15.  Motion to approve the MMO in the amount of $83,482.00 for the police pension for the 2024 fiscal year.  

a.   Motion: Councilmember Corrales

b.     Second: Councilmember Dapra  

c.      Discussion: Manager Peticca defined MMO to mean Minimum Municipal Obligation. This is the amount that the borough is obligated to budget for to the police pension for next year.  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)   


16.    Motion to approve 5-2023 opt out of Allegheny County’s CDBG and Home Investment Partnership Program for three (3) program years.  

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub

b.     Second: Councilmember Corrales   

c.      Discussion: Councilmember Corrales asked if this is because we elected for Westmoreland County. Manager Peticca replied yes that was correct, we determined that Westmoreland County provides more opportunities for us.

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)   


17.    New Business


Councilmember Cardiff added the Community Yard Sale happening Saturday August 05th. Any residents that want to participate in the yard sale were asked to email Councilmember Cardiff so their address can be added to the map and uploaded to the website and social media.




Manager Peticca announced that there is an upcoming event happening that was posted on social media and wanted to make mention of it to the public. George Dunbar is holding a hard to read license plate event on August 10th, from 4-6pm at Penn Trafford High School, and another date of August 17th, from 3-5pm at Irwin Park. This would allow anyone with a hard to read license plate to apply for a free replacement.



18.    Old Business- There was no old business to discuss.




a. Announce the next Council Meeting in Council Chambers on September 5th, 2023, at 7:00 pm

b. Move to adjourn. 

c. Motion: Councilmember Shoub

d. Second: Councilmember Dapra

e. Discussion: No discussion

f. Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)








Respectfully Submitted

Nina Mulnix

Borough Secretary