1.     Call to Order


2.     Moment of Silence & Pledge of Allegiance


3.     Roll Call done by Nina Mulnix


Council present: Councilmember Bayko, Councilmember Cardiff, Councilmember Cole, Councilmember Perovich, Councilmember Shoub  


Council not present: Councilmember Batzel, Councilmember Corrales.


Other staff present: Mayor Ed Llewellyn, Solicitor Craig Alexander, Borough Manager Jaime Peticca, Borough Secretary Nina Mulnix, Borough Engineer Don Glenn.


4.     Notice of Executive Session held February 7th, 2022, for matters of personnel and litigation.

Councilmember Cardiff made mention of the year “2023.”


5.     Approve the January 10th, 2023, Regular Council Meeting minutes.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Perovich  

b.     Second: Councilmember Cole  

c.      Discussion: No discussion

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)


6.     Approve the January 2023 expense voucher list.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Bayko  

b.     Second: Councilmember Shoub  

c.      Discussion: No discussion  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)  


7.     Approve the November 15th, 2022, Regular Discussion Meeting Minutes

a.      Motion: Councilmember Perovich

b.     Second: Councilmember Shoub

c.      Discussion: No discussion

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)   


8.     Amend December 6th, 2022, Regular meeting minutes to reflect 7 votes not 8 votes for item numbers 5, 6, 12, 13, 14,15,16, and 17.  Change votes from 8 to 7 on the motion to set the rate of the beverage service, motion to hire Scenic Pittsburgh for Comp Plan, and motion to purchase skid loader.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub  

b.     Second: Councilmember Cole  

c.      Discussion: Councilmember Cardiff commented- this is to correct a typo for the minutes approved in January.  

d.     Vote: 5, 0 2 (Absent)  




9.     Public Comment

a.      Public Comment for all matters which the public has concern.  No public comment or questions on agenda items will be received after this point.

b.     Public comment for motions not listed on the agenda will be received when called for.

c.      Borough Response


Dolores Sutton- (601 Brinton Ave) Handed a thank you letter to council. Ms. Sutton read from the paper thanking the council members, the Mayor, Code Enforcement, and the Police for all the things they’ve done for her and the borough in the month of January. She stated she is appreciative of everyone doing their jobs and taking care of things in Trafford.  


Borough Response: Councilmember Cardiff deferred to The Mayor for comment.

The mayor replied, “Thank you to Ms. Sutton.



Jim Drnjevich- (220 Cavitt Ave) Mr. Drnjevich is speaking for Trafford American Legion. Mr. Drnjevich is asking council to approve a committee meeting on February 15, 2023, at 7pm at the Legion to form to plan/organize for the Memorial Day Parade and Program. The meeting is open to council members, the mayor, borough staff, and the community to attend. Mr. Drnjevich can be reached via email to answer any questions.


Borough Response: Councilmember Cardiff asked if Mr. Drnjevich’s request is something that needs a motion?


There is a motion on the floor to allow the Trafford American Legion to hold their annual Memorial.

Day Parade and Program as they’ve done in the past.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Cole    

b.     Second: Councilmember Shoub

c.      Discussion: No discussion  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)


Mark Horgas- (132 7th Street Ext) stated that he approached council last month about the usage of Sewage funds to portion out for the Borough Manager’s salary. Mr. Horgas stated this is an open record request that he would like addressed/responded to in a public meeting. An additional concern of Mr. Horgas was the borough ordinances and lack of enforcement, specifically to ordinance 1-2021 Borough of Trafford quality of life. There is a neighbor located at 135 7th Street Ext that is in violation of code. The concerns are the number of unworthy road vehicles, a flatbed trailer used for purposes of hauling these vehicles on, and the trailer is loaded with a washer and dryer on it being used for storing those appliances. The property is becoming an eyesore and would like the ordinance to be upheld and enforced.


Borough Response: Solicitor Alexander commented that he spoke with his associate Chelsea Dice in regard to the salary concern, and the portion of those funds can be allocated to the borough managers salary because she is performing duties relevant to sewage. There are no issues in doing so.


Manager Peticca replied with a comment to Mr. Horgas- The fiscal management handbook published by the PA Department of Community and Economic development references the allowance of sewage funds on page 12 and on page 42 it gives different payroll capabilities. The handbook states that this option is completely legal.


Manager Peticca- replied to the neighbor concern of Mr. Horgas. The borough has pictures from code enforcement from various times, a citation written to the property owner, relevant to the junk cars. The washer and dryer concern are not in violation of any code in the borough’s ordinances. The most recent picture that was shown to council from January 27th showed the vehicles and debris have been removed. Any items that are hidden or can’t be seen from the road cannot be cited because code enforcement cannot access the property without consent, at this time consent has not been given.


Mr. Horgas asked if anyone has been by the property lately. There are additional issues that are not being addressed. The washer and dryer are still a violation of code.


Councilmember Cardiff stated that the borough already provided a response to Mr. Horgas’s comments.


Solicitor Alexander replied to Mr. Horgas the law doesn’t allow the government to go onto private property and search for violations. If it cannot be seen from the street a citation cannot be issued. The property owner has not given the borough access to their property.  



10.  Report from Borough Engineer, Glenn Engineering

a.     Report submitted: Mr. Glenn commented on his report- Glenn Engineering is still awaiting a response about the LSA grant that was applied for last year. The grant will be used to fund a paving project in the borough. Mr. Glenn mentioned to council an advertisement should be placed soon about the paving work while contractor work is slow, and rates are down. The next item being reported on is flow monitoring. Glenn Engineering will be waiting for a rain event to prove the borough is not responsible for the overflow.

b.     Public comment on Mr. Glenn’s report

c.      Glenn Engineering dismissed from meeting.


11. Mayor’s Report- Mayor Llewellyn read the January police report (see attached) to councilmembers and the public. There are other items to discuss on the agenda.


12.   Committee Reports

a.      Community & Economic Development (Chair Steve Perovich/Co-chair Justin Batzel)

Councilmember Perovich- There was a meeting with Scenic Pittsburgh on Thursday February 02, 2023, about moving forward with the borough’s comprehensive plan and zoning. Meetings will take place every two weeks, and a committee will be formed, as things develop.

b.     General Government & Finance (Chair Pat Bayko/Co-chair Chris Corrales)

Councilmember Bayko- There is nothing to report.

c.      Parks & Recreation (Chair Justin Batzel/Co-chair Steve Perovich)

Councilmember Perovich stated- Larry George has been working with the boy scouts replacing the life ring boxes at BY Park. There have been some donations from Home Depot for the projects.

Manager Peticca stated- the final project should be completed by May.

d.     Planning, Property, & Ordinances (Chair Casey Shoub/Co-chair Zack Cole)

Councilmember Shoub read Code Enforcements January report (see attached) to councilmembers and the public.

e.      Public Safety (Chair Chris Corrales/Co-chair Pat Bayko)

Councilmember Bayko- There is nothing to report.

f.      Public Works & Sanitation (Chair Zack Cole/Co-chair Casey Shoub)

Councilmember Cole- There is nothing to report.

g.     Junior Council Person (JCP) Report- Miss Moraca was absent.

h.     President Kris Cardiff-

Councilmember Cardiff commented – The JCP report and the January rotation for Miss. Moraca was initially to be with the police department but had to be rescheduled, instead a municipal round table meeting was held with Irwin borough members. The meeting provided a nice experience to show the importance of working with other municipalities. The police department rotation will take place in February or March. As the program comes to an end in May, Councilmember Cardiff stated he would like to hold a mock council meeting with Miss. Moraca as council president and have several participants to act as councilmembers and provide a public comment segment and allow Miss Moraca the chance to run the whole meeting. The borough will welcome Miss Moraca back next year and will start to work on recruitment for next year’s program.


13.   Managers Report- Ms. Peticca reminded the residents that sewage bills are due Feb 15, 2023. Included in the manager’s report was information about the upcoming Westmoreland Heritage Trail event. WHT will be showcasing their trail at Trafford Borough’s BY park this year, with that the members of the trail will be looking for activities for the community. Karen Cercone is the contact person if there are any questions.


Councilmember Cardiff- stated this is a very exciting opportunity to be a part of our community.


14.   Motion to Advertise to authorize the Civil Service Commission meeting to initiate civil service examination.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub

b.     Second: Councilmember Bayko

c.      Discussion: Councilmember Cardiff stated this is implemented for future action.

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)   


15.  Motion to approve Mike Ley as Westmoreland Heritage Trail Representative for Trafford Borough of the Regional Trail Council.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Perovich

b.     Second: Councilmember Cole

c.      Discussion: No discussion

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)  


16.  Motion to approve the 2023 Sable Kennel agreement at $100.00 per month and will be in effect for 24 months until February 2025. 

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub

b.     Second: Councilmember Bayko

c.      Discussion: Councilmember Cardiff stated this is for Borough Animal Control

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)   


17.  Motion to approve the additional police services for communities Westmoreland County Housing Authority  


a.  Motion: Councilmember Shoub

b.  Second: Councilmember Perovich

c.  Discussion: Councilmember Cardiff state the county pays for a police officer to be posted at the W.C. Housing building.

d.  Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)   


18. Motion to accept Officer Ronald Waros resignation

a.      Motion: Councilmember Perovich

b.     Second: Councilmember Shoub

c.      Discussion: No discussion

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)  



19.   Motion to approve the purchase of a 2023 Dodge Durango AWD police vehicle for $53,917.20 plus $449.00 for document and title transfer with 10% down at signing.

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub

b.     Second: Councilmember Perovich

c.      Discussion: Councilmember Cardiff stated this is done periodically because of the wear and tear on the vehicles. The vehicle is a 2017 and it’s showing signs of needing to be replaced.  

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)   



20.  Motion to hire 2 Part-time police officers

a.      Motion: Councilmember Shoub

b.     Second: Councilmember Cole

c.      Discussion: Councilmember Perovich asked if we are down 2 police officers? Mayor Llewellyn replied yes, and we have 2 candidates for the part time positions.

d.     Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)  



21. New Business

·       Discussion on Cavitt Lot – Variance


Borough manager Peticca stated to move forward with an auction for the lot we need to ensure we will be granted a variance, that was factored into our Manchester Parking area, and it has been determined there is ample parking. We will seek a variance from the zoning hearing board.


Solicitor Craig Alexander – confirmed to sell the lot a variance would need to be granted by the zoning hearing board. A motion could be made to move forward with an application to the Zoning hearing board.


Motion on the floor to Apply for a Variance with The Zoning Hearing Board for the Cavitt Ave parking lot.

Motion: Councilmember Shoub

Second: Councilmember Perovich

Discussion: No discussion

Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)


·       All American Baseball – South Trafford Ballfields


Representative Tony Sarnowski (111 Bradford Sq Drive) proposed a request to council for allowance/usage of the S. Trafford Ballfields to hold their ball tournaments. The field would be needed for 3-4 weekends, and a possibility of usage of the fields next year.

1.     We promise to keep the fields in better condition and improve the fields.

2.     It will provide an opportunity for the girls’ softball teams to open concession stands for fundraising.

3.     8 teams per field, 5 on Saturday, different teams on Sunday. There stands to be about 600 people throughout the borough patroning local businesses generating revenue for the borough.  

4.     Dates for use of the large field are May 06th, June 03rd, June 10th . Dates for use of the small field are April 29th, and May 20th. There would be work on the large field needed to fit out size, we are requesting to bring in dirt to dig out the infield.


Councilmember Cardiff- shared his concerns over traffic, parking, and safety. The parking lots are not very large, and all options need to be explored by safety personnel to get the best solution to handle all the traffic. It was suggested that All American look into shuttling spectators from the Stewart Station ballfield to S. Trafford ballfields. Council is asking for more specific logistics from All American before proceeding with an approval or denial.


Fire Chief Lindbloom - commented with some parking marshals and traffic control and pre-preparations there could be a way to expand parking and arrange this to work.


Councilmember Perovich- commented that parking is the biggest concern, and speeding on Wallace Ave is something to consider.


Mayor Llewellyn -commented he will discuss the idea with the President of the girls softball league and find out their scheduling arrangements for the fields- as softball sign ups are this upcoming weekend.



15. Old Business- Councilmember Cardiff stated there is no old business


18.   Adjournment

a.     Announce the next regular council meeting for Tuesday, March 7th, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers. Councilmember Cardiff stated he added to the agenda on the website the upcoming meeting is for information only, and it is a discussion meeting held in the Manchester Room on Tuesday February 21, 2023, at 6:30pm.

b.     Move to adjourn: Councilmember Shoub

c.      Second: Perovich

d.     Discussion: No discussion

e.      Vote: 5, 0, 2 (Absent)





Respectfully Submitted,


Nina Mulnix

Nina Mulnix

Borough Secretary