Trafford Borough

Work Session Meeting Minutes-Tuesday, September 18, 2018.



The Trafford Borough Council held a work session on Tuesday, September 18, 2018, at 7:01 p.m., in the Manchester Room.

Council President, Kris Cardiff, called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence.


Members in attendance:


(Present)              Kris Cardiff, Council President                                       Edward Llewellyn, Mayor

                              Lesile Peters, Councilwoman                                         Ashley Stack, Borough Manager

                              Joshua Sanders, Councilman                                         Chelsea Dice, Solicitor

                              Casey Shoub, Councilman                                              Brian Lindbloom, Fire Chief                                                                                                                      

(Absent)                             Carol Morrow, Councilwoman         Zachary Cole, Councilman     Cheryl Petersen, Councilwoman

Council President Kris Cardiff introduced Rep. George Dunbar.

Representative George Dunbar informed the audience of the services his office provides. Rep. Dunbar informed the audience he has been in office for the past eight years and has served four terms and has served Trafford for two of the eight terms. Mr. Dunbar also serves as the vice-chair for finance, and gaming.

Pat Paola 74 First Street: Expressed her concerns to Rep. Dunbar regarding idling trains. Rep. Dunbar stated his hands are tied due to federal regulations. Rep Dunbar will draft a letter on her behalf and send a copy to Senator Toomey and Congressman Lamb. Mrs. Paola thanked Rep. Dunbar.

Rep. Dunbar asked Councilman Cardiff of the status of the Brinton Avenue situation during the storm.

Solicitor Dice stated there was a mandamus action filed against the borough requesting release of a bond. Lanalex Clloyd, LLC filed a preliminary injunction and the judge ordered the company to pay additional monies towards the bond. The repair work that was done to repair the sewage line was done improperly. With this last storm, if there is damage to borough property or third parties there is a possibility the borough will file a counter claim or file a separate complaint. 

Rep. Dunbar provided Councilwoman Peters with a booklet with all the Commonwealth’s grant opportunities. The Commonwealth Financing Authority releases grants every year.

Ron Scarano 103 Cavitt Ave: Mr. Scarano reported with the flood he lost the entire bottom of his home along with his yard. The stream at Foster Dr. went beyond its boundaries. Questioned why this is not being maintained. The water came all at once, it was a wall of water.

Solicitor Dice informed Mr. Scarano until the borough can identify whom is responsible for the surge of water. What was the cause of the surge. The borough is not taking any responsibility. Solicitor Dice also informed Mr. Scarano the borough falls under the Tourte Immunity Act. If it was a pond on someone’s private property that caused the surge of water, any affected party has the right to file an action against the property owner.

Mr. Scarano questioned if the maintenance crew is on a preventative maintenance schedule. Borough Manager Stack assured Mr. Scarano the public works does what they can we are a small municipality.

Mr. Scarano was very upset that no one from the council showed up to check on the residents. He also thanked council for providing dumpsters.

Mary Dobos 207 First Street: Ms. Dobos reported to council, the creek on Foster Drive was dredged years ago when she was a girl, of this isn’t addressed it will happen again. Ms. Dobos was very upset no one from council showed up. Solicitor Dice stated the creek runs through private property and the borough would not dredge a creek on private property.

Fire Chief Lindbloom stated his department had 47 responses in 24 hours. 

Borough Manager Stack stated she did come into town on Sunday while her own home was being flooded.

Councilman Shoub informed the audience there were multiple areas with flooding: South Trafford, First Street, Brinton Ave, Belleau Wood Blvd, and Woodlawn.

Joe Kingston 525/527 Brinton Ave: Mr. Kingston stated he takes pride in being a property owner here in Trafford. He’s had the same tenants since 1984. Questioned council what he is to do for his property and his tenants’ property that has been damaged with raw sewage. Solicitor Dice stated Mr. Kingston can file suit against Lanalex Clloyd, LLC if the insurance adjuster is in agreeance that the damages have been caused by raw sewage.

Lynnwood Leeman 334 Fourth St: Mr. Leeman expressed his dislikes for the way Public Works conducts their maintenance. Mr. Leeman also questioned the code enforcement officer’s procedure. Borough manager Stack informed Mr. Leeman the Public Works Department is short staffed, we will forward all complaints to the foreman. Code Enforcement complaints must be filed on paper, these complaints get remediated within a few days.

Councilwoman Peters informed the audience FEMA has disaster loans/grants available. She also informed the audience to check with their tax preparer’s to file for a $100.00 damages deduction and possibly 10% off of your gross income to account for your allowable losses.

Councilman Shoub suggested to Mr. Scarano to place the mud/dirt on the street and the Public Works will pick it up. Just please call the borough office to coordinate.

Fire Chief Lindbloom provided a report and pictures on problem areas where flooding occurred.

Councilman Cardiff thanked Fire Chief Lindbloom for all is help.

Jennie McCafferty 305 Wallace Ave: Questioned the status of the Storm Sewer on Wallace Avenue. Mrs. McCafferty stated she has talked to the Borough Manager on several occasions. Borough Manager Stack stated the Borough Engineer has assed the storm sewer and has deemed it private property. The engineer reached out to Penneco and they too assed it as private property. Mrs. McCafferty stated where her garage is, it was a borough owned easement and can provide a copy of the property survey. Borough Manager Stack stated she will review the file and get back to her. Councilman Shoub stated the area was vacated in the 50’s. Solicitor Dice stated if the borough did vacate the road all adjoining property owners take responsibility down the middle.

Councilman Cardiff informed the audience the next regular business meeting will be held Tuesday, October 2, 2018.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.