Trafford Borough

Monthly Business Meeting Minutes-Tuesday, August 7, 2018.


The Trafford Borough Council held its monthly business meeting on Tuesday, August 7, 2018, at 7:03 p.m., in the Council Chambers.

Council President Kris Cardiff, called the meeting to order; The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and a moment of silence observed.


Borough Secretary, Nina Solivan commenced roll call;


(Present)                     Kris Cardiff, Council President                                         Edward Llewellyn, Mayor

                                        Zach Cole, Councilman                                                       Ashley Stack, Borough Manager

                                        Leslie Peters, Councilwoman                                           Craig Alexander, Solicitor

                                        Cheryl Petersen, Councilwoman                                    Don Glenn, Engineer

                                        Joshua Sanders, Councilman                                           Brian Lindbloom, Fire Chief

                                        Casey Shoub, Councilman    


(Absent)                       Carol Morrow, Council Vice-President                         John Eliyas, EMC


Council conducted an executive session for litigation and matters of personnel prior to this council meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Minutes- A motion “to accept the minutes of the July 3, 2018, regular business meeting” was made by Councilman Cole and seconded by Councilwoman Peters. The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Payment of Bills- A motion “to approve the expense voucher list dated, August 7, 2018” was made by Councilman Shoub and seconded by Councilman Cole. The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Public Comment-

Lynwood Leeman 344 Fourth Street- Questioned the status of the manhole on Catherine Street that abuts his backyard. Questioned the status of the pot hole at the bottom of Catherine Street. Mr. Leeman stated he has lived in this town for seventy-three years and Trafford looks crummy. The maintenance department is not doing their job. Questioned when the grass is being cut at Memorial Park why can’t the public works pick up the dead tree limbs.

Borough response: Borough Manager Stack stated she has spoken with DPW in regards to the manhole, we have been short staffed and weather has been an issue. Once we have a date we will notify you. In regards to the pot hole on Catherine St we have discussed this as well, this specific hole will need to be cut out and require additional resources. Tree branches along side of the road i will address with them.

Delores Sutton 601 Brinton Ave- Questioned if the borough will be paving Brinton Avenue this year. Ms. Sutton informed council there are major parking issues at the top of Seventh Street people are parking at the stop sign and you cannot see. Ms. Sutton also questioned occupancy permitting, are we staying on top of these we have numerous people in town on drugs she does not feel safe anymore questioned if she needs to buy a gun.

Borough response: Borough Manager Stack stated paving is on hold. Our code enforcement officer has submitted his resignation with a plan for potential hires. There has been increased foot patrol, if there is activity on any of the corners call 911. In Pennsylvania you have a right to bare arms that is your personal choice.

Judy Guy 405 First Street- Expressed concerns about a sink hole at her rental property, stated the hole is close to the road and doesn’t think it’s her responsibility. Questioned if Sixth Street could be changed to a one way and implement slanted parking due to there not being enough parking for the high rise.

Borough response: Borough Manager Stack stated she will send DPW to look at it.

Pat Paola 74 First Street- Questioned the status of the old bank building, and the train situation. In December it will be a year on the trains, is there really nothing we can do just because they’re the railroad. Ms. Paola also questioned the integrity of the council with the appointment of the new councilmember, she does not feel that council is doing the best for the community the town looks like a hell hole.  We need to get the good of this community back in our minds. Ms. Paola stated when she lived in Monroeville the Borough Manager never voted, so she does not understand why Trafford’s does.

Borough response: Solicitor Alexander stated the bank building has been in active litigation for some time now, we are the process of a preliminary injunction the owner has submitted plans to CEA to bring the property up to safety standards. This is all mandated by the judge. This is a very costly matter so we would like the property owner to take care of it. Have spoken to the Land Bank about the Cromer building, it’s on their radar. The borough has zero enforcement ability on the railroad. Did follow up with Mike Reece’s office again at the state level there isn’t much they can do. Councilman Cardiff did contact Pat Toomey’s office and submitted paperwork. Solicitor Alexander stated it is the people’s choice to vote in a candidate, with a vacancy it is the council’s choice and the borough manager does not get a vote.


Theresa Severino 317 E Edgewood Ave- Questioned the status of the old Cromer building on Fifth Street and what the status is on all the buildings on Brinton Avenue and Cavitt Avenue.

Borough response: The building where Dom’s Pizza is just sold. Dirinoldo’s is for sale.


Diane Kerrigan 35 Sycamore Ave- Mrs. Kerrigan came forward to council for some direction regarding her nuisance neighbors. Mrs. Kerrigan stated she has two sons whom are boy scouts and attend schools within Penn Trafford School District and is now looking for a new home due to the neighbors. Mrs. Kerrigan stated she has spoken to code enforcement and was informed about the nuisance ordinance, she has profusely called 911 and apologizes for wasting their time for a non-emergency. The neighbors are running an illegal ATV/Quad repair business out of their garage. People drop off these vehicles throughout the day and night. Which is a problem because Mr. and Mrs. Kerrigan both work and throughout the night they rev up the quads and ride them up and down the street between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning. Mr. and Mrs. Kerrigan have asked them to stop. They are using the tracks as an access road, once she calls the cops they scatter and come back later. Mrs. Kerrigan stated she doesn’t know what to do anymore she doesn’t want to move but two years of dealing with this is too long.

Borough response: Mayor Llewellyn questioned if in fact this is illegal and if so our new code enforcement officer will need to get on this asap. Councilwoman Peters stated if they are on railroad property they should be contacted.

Carol Richardson 225 First Street- Questioned the status of Murrysville Road. Ms. Richardson informed council the contractors started for a few days and then stopped, there should be some sort of fine for not completing the work in the contract.

Borough response: This will be covered under the engineer’s report.

Borough Engineer-

Don Glenn reported there is a slide at Seventh St and Brinton Ave that is adversely impacting our street, storm and sanitary sewer. Mr. Glenn made a recommendation to drill and determine were solid rock is and determine a plan to protect our street perhaps a retaining wall or some steel beams. Mr. Glenn recommends PA Soil and Rock to perform a test/report in the amount of $9,487.50 the work is needed to determine where the bedrock is.

A motion to “allow PA Soil and Rock to perform a soil analysis in the amount of $9487.50” was made by Councilman Shoub and seconded by Councilman Cole. The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Mr. Glenn reported he has contacted Victor Paving daily for an update he refers me to the sub-contractor and they have blamed the weather. There is a penalty clause with a completion date of June 15, 2018, the borough manager and myself will be meeting to come up with a plan to notify the contractor of the penalty and issues that will satisfy the clause.

A letter was sent to Shane Lawson regarding 246 E. Fairmont Ave a manhole has settled, he is willing to come back and fix it even though the maintenance bond has expired.

A letter was sent to PennDOT regarding a slide on Route 130, the guardrail is not secured you can push it with one finger. There is also a utility pole that is leaning. PennDOT is on notice their road is impacted there are cracks in the road.

A letter was sent to PennDOT regarding the completion of the Wallace Avenue Bridge.

A letter was sent to the Railroad regarding the train trestle wing walls, the engineer from Northfolk Southern stated he will come out and review and send a report.

Administrative Reports-

Borough Manager- The non-uniform collective bargaining agreement is up this year we will begin negotiations shortly. Sewage bills will be going out they are for the period of February through May. Hoping to have a draft budget to council shortly. Please call 911 for non-emergency’s and emergency’s.

Code Enforcement- Report on file.

Solicitor – Solicitor Alexander stated he has prepared the resolutions for tonight. The state will begin implementing the 2015 U.C.C. Code, which I will have an advertisement prepared for the next meeting with adoption at the October meeting. A right to know request was sent by the Tribune Review which requested information that does not fall under the act, I will write an opinion and send it. Met with an individual regarding Bradford Square Phase II, a legal impediment has come up which is not a borough issue but we are trying to assist in preparing a memo on what was approved in its previous phase.

EMS- Borough Manager Stack stated there were a total of thirty-one calls for the month of July with thirty calls being handled by PT Ambulance and one by North Huntingdon.

Trafford VFD- Fire Chief Lindbloom reported there were a total of sixteen calls for the month of July. Clean out the drains in front of your homes.

EMC- No report.

Recreation Board – Rose Frollini, Treasurer of the recreation board reported the playground program is over. Fairmont playground is almost complete we are still waiting for the fencing. We have received a lot of good comments on the park. The state is requesting additional info from the vendors in order for us to receive final payment.

TECDC- Carol Richardson reported the sign is fixed and updated weekly. There is opportunity for paid advertisements if anyone is interested. The bike rack has been installed by the heritage trail association. We will be looking for options on finishing the wall where the sign is located. The next WHT meeting will be held Thursday at the Italian Club in Export.

WHT- Councilman Cole reported the owners of Digital Trafford hold a weekly bike ride every Tuesday at 6:45 pm.

Mayor’s Report- Mayor Llewellyn reported there were a total of one hundred fifty-seven service calls, forty citations were filed, eleven criminal cases were filed, twenty-four hours of traffic detail, and thirty hours of foot patrol.


Committee Reports

Community Development

A motion “to make a partial payment to Jeffery Associates in the amount of $7,000.00” was made by Councilwoman Peters and seconded by Councilman Shoub. The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Once Fairmont Playground is completed the rec board would like to continue to pursuit the construction of a new pavilion at the Terrace Playground.

A motion “to construct a new pavilion at the Terrace Playground once Fairmont Playground has been completed and final payment has been received” was made by Councilman Peters and seconded by Councilman Sanders.

Borough Manager Stack made a recommendation to hold off on any projects at this time. We need to look at a comprehensive park safety analysis at all parks before any renovations.

Roll call vote was taken: Councilman Cardiff, Councilman Cole, Councilwoman Petersen and Councilman Shoub all voting Nay and Councilwoman Peters and Councilman Sanders voting yay. Motion fails 4-2.

A motion “to purchase mulch in the amount of $3000.00 to be distributed at BY park and the remaining split between the other parks” was made by Councilwoman Peters and seconded by Councilman Peters. The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Councilwoman Peters did speak to a representative of Savvy Citizen. Pitcairn, North Versailles and Turtle Creek have been enrolled it is an app or you can visit the website. It is a mass distribution of information, there is a community calendar for events. You can receive an email or text. There is a special going on right now its $990.00 a year with a one-time set-up fee of $300.00.

A motion “to enroll in savvy citizen for $990.00 with a one time $300.00 set-up fee” was made by Councilwoman Peters and seconded by Councilwoman Petersen. 

Borough Manager Stack stated it is a minor fee, she would like to see some additional information before being in support.

Councilman Cardiff stated he too would like to review the information.

Councilwoman Peters and Councilwoman Petersen withdrew their motion and second.

Presidents Report-

On August 25, 2018 there will be a hard to recycle event at Century 3 mall additional information is on our website. Wanted to get the opinion of council to allow Rep. George Dunbar to be present at the next workshop meeting, so he may field any questions.

Renee Cappetta volunteer of the year award recipient recommendations can be submitted to the borough office.

Resolution 06 & 07 of 2018

A motion “to approve Resolutions 06 and 07 of 2018, setting the member contribution rates for the non-uniform pension plan at $750.00 per quarter for 2017 and 2018” was made by Councilman Shoub and seconded by Councilman Cole.

This was previously determined by the last collective bargaining agreement.

The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Approve Payment to A. Folino

A motion “to approve payment to A. Folino Construction in the amount of $24,141.26 for the Wallace Avenue bridge deck replacement paid from the liquid fuels account” was made by Councilwoman Peters and seconded by Councilman Cole. The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Discussion Meeting Change

A motion “to approve moving the December 18,2018, discussion meeting to Tuesday, October 16, 2018, and advertising the schedule change” was made by Councilman Cole and seconded by Councilman Shoub. The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Michael Burnett’s Resignation

A motion “to accept Michael Burnett’s resignation as Trafford Borough’s Code Enforcement Officer” was made by Councilman Cole and seconded by Councilman Shoub.

Councilman Shoub stated he has done an excellent job and is resigning for personal reasons.

The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Appointment of New Code Enforcement

A motion “to appoint Mark Cypher, Adam Hlad and Mike Stack as part-time Code Enforcement Officers for the Borough of Trafford. Both Mark Cypher and Adam Hlad will be paid at a rate of $625.00 per month, with Mike Stack working on an as needed basis.” was made by Councilman Sanders and seconded by Councilwoman Peters.

Solicitor Alexander stated the Kerrigan issue gets addressed asap.

Borough Manager Stack stated the group are employed by eight different municipalities, and have been recommended by multiple other communities.

Councilman Cole questioned how much more is this going to cost. Borough Manager Stack stated there was $22,000.00 budgeted for the code enforcement position. There wages are coming in at $15,000.00 and they have asked for 80% of our occupancy fee’s. Our occupancies are $100.00 so they would get $80.00 and the borough would get $20.00. There will be a difference of $2700.00 which is obviously dependent upon the number of occupancy’s.  I feel that this is in the best interest of the borough.

Approve New Part- Time Police

A motion “to hire Matthew DiChiccis and Christopher Kovacs as part-time officers for the Trafford Borough Police Department at a rate of $15.00 an hour” was made by Councilman Cole and seconded by Councilman Sanders. The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Purchase of 2019 Dodge Durango

A motion “to purchase a 2019 Dodge Durango for the Trafford Police Department from Tri-Star Motors for $31,900.00, with five annual payments of $6,941.18.” was made by Councilman Shoub and seconded by Councilman Cole.

Councilman Cardiff stated the current Durango is not working properly.

Borough Manager Stack stated the vehicle has been on and out of the shop and we are losing money on it. The vehicle does not have air conditioning which is a safety concern. Nearly has 100,000 miles. The money will be taken out of the police budget which is nearly under budget by $25,000.00.

Councilwoman Peters questioned if this was our fifth Durango. Councilman Shoub stated no it is not. Councilwoman Peters stated she was just making sure this was not a Durango issue.

The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Eagle Scout Project

A motion “to allow Mike Elias to perform his Eagle Scout Project, refurbishing six old Eagle Scout projects, at BY Park with a donation of $200 from the Recreation Board” was made by Councilwoman Peters and seconded by Councilman Shoub. The motion carried unanimously 6-0.

New Business

Mayor Llewellyn mentioned creating a memorial for Renee Capetta such as a bench or a plaque.

Councilman Shoub asked if the number of councilmembers can be changed? He has been asked by several people if a borough of this size needs seven council members.  Solicitor Alexander stated yes there are two ways to do so. One way is to petition by the general electorate which is probably 10% seeking to reduce council from seven to five which will get litigated by the court of common pleas. The other way is for council to petition which is a long process. If there is majority vote to do so I will explore it.

Councilman Cardiff appointed Councilman Josh Sanders the Chair of Finance committee.


Council President Cardiff informed the audience the next regular business meeting will be held Tuesday, September 4, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the council chambers.

A motion to “adjourn” was made by Councilman Cole and seconded by Councilman Shoub. The motion carried unanimously 6-0.


Respectfully submitted,




Nina M. Solivan

Borough Secretary/Treasurer