Trafford Borough

Monthly Business Meeting Minutes- June 4, 2019

The Trafford Borough Council held its monthly business meeting on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, at 7:02 p.m., in the Council Chambers.

Council President, Kris Cardiff, called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence.

Roll Call of Attendance by Borough Secretary, Nina Solivan:

(Present)              Kris Cardiff, Council President                        Ed Llewellyn, Mayor

Casey Shoub, Council Vice-President             Craig Alexander, Solicitor        

                              Zackery Cole, Councilmember                        Don Glenn, Engineer         

                              Steve Perovich, Councilmember                     Louis Corrales, Public Works Foreman

Joshua Sanders, Councilmember                    Ashley Stack, Borough Manager                                                 

                              Leslie Peters, Councilmember                         Adam Hlad, Code Enforcement Officer                        

Cheryl Petersen, Councilmember                   Brian Lindbloom, Fire Chief               


(Absent)               Emergency Management Coordinator John Eliyas

Minutes: A motion “to accept the minutes of the May 7, 2019, regular meeting” was made by Councilman Sanders and seconded by Councilman Cole. The motion carried unanimously 7-0.

Payment of Bills: A motion “to approve the expense voucher list dated June 4, 2019” was made by Councilman Cole and seconded by Councilman Sanders. The motion carried unanimously 7-0.

Public Comment:

Brandon Lacina 430 Brinton Ave: Mr. Lacina first and foremost, I do want to thank each one of you for the help and support of the Westmoreland heritage trail day. With the event on Saturday, we have already received two dozen phone calls with new customers from Murrysville, which is very encouraging for us to see. I do believe that if we lay down some solid bones for the future that we can build off of and I also have quite a few photographs that were taken throughout the day. I'm going to be getting Ashley a copy of the CD with all the photographs and if anybody would like additional copies or use it for promotional material, we're going to make that readily available for you. The reason why I'm here this evening is myself and Mastro Signs. We are looking at doing another project as some of you may have noticed this year we put historical photographs on the retaining wall in front of Digital Trafford. That's going to be something we're going to rotate out about every six months. We're looking at doing something a little more permeant and similar to what Irwin has done, which is a business directory and a map of all of their locations on site. We would like to put one of these signs up at By Park on the trail for individuals who are coming into town. We're going to use it not only as a busy business directory but also for community groups such as the fire department, EMS, etc. We're also going to be putting the sign up somewhere in town. One location will be here at my shop. Matt's looking at possibly putting one and by his business and maybe down towards theater factory as well. Since this would be on public property, we would like to make sure that council is aware and to have approval. The size of the sign is going to be about three to five feet wide we're figuring out the logistics. The cost of the signs will be on the Trafford Business Association. There will be no cost to the borough itself. We're hoping to have this in place no later in September. Obviously, if council does give the approval, the Business Association will bring forth the final design before its executed. If anyone has any questions I or Matt would be the individuals to talk to.

Karen Clawson 430 Homewood Ave: Ms. Clawson came before council to express concerns regarding a nuisance property on Homewood Avenue.

Borough response: Chief Disso and Code Enforcement Officer Adam Hlad will meet about this property.

Delores Sutton 601 Brinton Ave: Ms. Sutton questioned the status of the Seventh and Brinton Slide. Ms. Sutton also expressed her opinion on Drag Queens. Ms. Sutton stated Several other people in this town support me on this, drag queens are pornographic and totally evil.  This is not a good thing for the morals of this town. We need to get the evil out of this town. God is not blessing this town because of the evil that is happening here. This is one of the main reasons why businesses are not coming into town.

Borough response: Engineer Don Glenn stated we are waiting for the water company to come in and pave. He has made several phone calls to both the water company and the contractor.

Karen Racki 425 Homewood Ave: Ms. Racki came before council to express concerns regarding a nuisance property on Homewood Avenue.

Borough response: Chief Disso and Code Enforcement Officer Adam Hlad will meet about this property.

Thomas Racki 425 Homewood Ave: Mr. Racki came before council to express concerns regarding a nuisance property on Homewood Avenue.

Borough response: Chief Disso and Code Enforcement Officer Adam Hlad will meet about this property.

Patricia Paola 74 First St: Mrs. Paola expressed concerns for overgrowth of weeds and collapsing storm drains on Westmoreland Road. Mrs. Paola also questioned what is being done about the busses. Mrs. Paola questioned if the borough could have the parolees, come back into town to do some work.

Borough response: Borough Manager Stack stated there is a new liaison with PAT Bus we are looking to coordinate a meeting. As for the parolees we will need to coordinate with public works per the CBA. Public works will take a look at Westmoreland Road.

Karen Lacina 100 First St: Mrs. Lacina came before council to get some information regarding the TEMS building. There are rumors going around town that this business will be testing Marijuana, CBD and E. coli. Mrs. Lacina stated she is not opposed to a new business but would like some clarification. 

Borough response: Brian Lindbloom stated he will address this under his report.

Brian Lindbloom 205 Wallace Ave: Mr. Lindbloom came before council to ask council to send out a reminder to those who use the South Trafford Ball Fields that there is to be no parking on Wallace Avenue and to possibly provide a designated smoking area. Residents are finding cigarette butts in their yards.

Borough response: Mayor Llewellyn stated all of the teams will receive a reminder.

Councilwoman Peters questioned if public works could place signs on the millings that say keep off. She has noticed children playing on the piles and is concerned someone will get hurt.

George Mcarrison 226 Duquesne Ave: Mr. Mcarrison expressed concerns for 302 Duquesne Avenue. Mr. Mcarrison stated the property is overgrown and dilapidated. Mr. Mcarrison also complained about a culvert in front of his driveway and stated it has not been touched in five years.

Borough response: Code Enforcement Officer Adam Hlad stated he has been in touch with the property owners in Florida, being that they are out of state it is adding to the challenge, but he is working on it. 

Don Glenn, Engineer:

Don reported he has made numerous phone calls to Wilkinsburg Penn Joint Water Authority regarding the paving that needs to be completed at the intersection of Seventh Street and Brinton Avenue. The water company has made several promises on when the contractors will be here to complete the project, Don proposed to the water company to entertain plan b by allowing the borough to advertise and solicit bids to complete the project and send the water company the bill. Nick Bianci chairman of the water company stated the water company would entertain the plan but to hold off until the end of this week.

Don reported the GROW grant has been closed out for the Eighth Street sanitary sewer.

Don reported once he receives the street paving list he will measure the streets and put together the figures.

Borough Manager: Borough Manager thanked all of the volunteers, vendors, and staff who helped make the Trail Town Festival a success there were over twenty vendors and nearly 200 people in attendance. 

Borough Manager Stack read a letter from Larry George “Dear Councilmembers, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to consider our request I hope to work together in the future”.

Senior farmers market food voucher signups will not be held in the borough this year. The sign-ups will be held at the Level Green Community Building located at 123 Murrysville Road in Level Green on June 27, 2019, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Many individuals were questioning the ten-hour work days for our public works crew today they have completed several projects.

Public Works Director Lou Corrales stated today alone the crew has completed a significant amount of asphalt. There was an issue on East Homewood Ave like the issue Mr. Mcarrison is experiencing and we were able to complete that today. The crew also mobilized to the parking lot where Trafford Motors used to be and repaired the curb with asphalt. The crew also was able to saw cut the alleyway behind Dino Bruno’s property on Sixth Street which is now ready for asphalt. The picnic tables for the Terrace pavilion were assembled and painted, tomorrow they will get a second coat of paint and installed. Mr. Corrales stated it was nice having the extra time to mobilize to different areas with the capability to work on different projects at the same time.

Code Enforcement: Code Enforcement Officer Adam Hlad reported there were eight new occupancy inspections, two follow-up occupancy inspections needed, six follow-up occupancy inspection were completed, eight occupancy permits were issued. There was one zoning permit in process, and three zoning permits were issued. There was one building permit in process and one building permit issued. There was one street opening/ grading permit in process and three permits issued. There were nine grass/weeds complaints in process with two abated, two garbage/trash complaints in progress, six property maintenance violations with five in progress and one abated, one animal complaint in progress and three occupancy violations in progress.

Grass/Weeds include:

Woodlawn. According to listing agent, will be cut on 6/5, will be issuing citation magistrate if not abated by week’s end.

835 8th. Posted two separate violation notices. Partially cut, not in compliance.  Filed citation with magistrate.

804 8th. Mailed violation notice, no action taken. Filed citation with magistrate.

Murrysville Rd. Posted violation notice.

Adrian Ave. Mailed violation notice.

501 Cavitt. Filed citation with magistrate. Based on agreement reached in Common Pleas Court to abate issues by 6/28, withdrew citation.

302 Duquesne.  Spoke with owner’s family. Trying to work out solution regarding possible demolition/sale.

90 1st. Abated. Follow-up scheduled with Magistrate Kistler on 6/12 where owner will provide season long service agreement.

8th St. Abated.

Garbage/Trash in progress include:

8th St. Garbage scattered around property. Spoke with property management company, work order issued. Partially cleared up, requested and are working separate work order for other side of duplex.

8th St. Trash bags accumulated and abandoned in front of garage. Filed citation with magistrate.

Property Maintenance in progress include:

Shady Ln. Property neglected, weeds overgrown. I’ve been in touch with administratrix of estate. She has been working to find lawn service company that can handle it within estates slim budget.

Stewart St. Homeowner submitted storm water management plan. Plan Approved and excavation permit issued. Work scheduled to begin third week of June.

90 1st St. Work in progress. Fines to be levied on 6/12 at follow-up hearing with magistrate Kistler if not fully abated.

501 Cavitt Ave. Per court order, will resolve dangerous situation from deteriorating building by 6/28 deadline.

               5th St. Trees encroaching on sidewalk. Violation notice mailed.

               E. Fairmont. Flooding, abated.


               E Fairmont. Continuous barking. Have had issue in past, revisiting with dog owner.

Occupancy in progress include:

Forbes Ave. Tenant moved out, rehab in process. I have been in contact with property owner to go over requirements, will apply for OCC when completed.

Meadow. Inspection is being rescheduled.

E. Gilmore. Performed walk through with Westmoreland Land Bank to cover requirements for OCC permit.

Councilman Cardiff stated the code enforcement department has been very busy and we appreciate all the hard work.

Solicitor: Solicitor Alexander stated with regards to 501 Cavitt Avenue. The property has been languishing in court for some time with both sides pointing fingers back and forth at the other on why things are taking so long. So, I had requested the judge hold a status conference to address some of the outstanding issues to try to get some movement with that property instead of being delayed with hearings down the road. The judge granted that request the conference was originally scheduled for a couple of weeks ago election day and then it got moved to last week and it went excellent. The judge has indicated that he wants Trafford Borough to issue. Lanalex Clloyd a demolition permit to do some strategic demolitions around the property in order to be able to get in there and do work to stabilize the structure. That's the goal right now. They want it to be stabilized so it’s not in a condemnable situation. Then from there, they're going to go for the remediation hopefully and try to get it looking good again.  The good things that came out of it was that the judge stated the work must be started within 30 days. The judge’s line to us was, I want to see boots on the ground. If I don't see boots on the ground, there will be sanctions. Casey, Adam and I met out at the courthouse and it just seemed like that's the spark we needed to get some movement going on. So, I was very encouraged with the judges help as a result of the mediation an agreement was facilitated. So, what was agreed upon is going to be entered into a consent order. He's going to issue an order directing everything that we agreed to have happen and he's going to enforce it.  Ashley sent me over a right to know request that we're looking at and are going to respond to. There's another item of litigation. It's outstanding. It's with the owner on First Street. As council is aware there was a rule to show cause why certain fees and fines shouldn't be dismissed. We were in the process of getting ready to do depositions. I received a call from the attorney on the other side wanting to postpone the depositions and postpone the hearing which was coming up in a short period of time in order to try to discuss settlement options. I agreed to that because depositions would be a costly endeavor for the borough. I do have something he wrote back that I need to forward on to Ashley and council. Right now, it looks like they’re in settlement mode and not in litigation mode. So potentially we can resolve that issue with that individual as well. The condemnation with regard to the roadway in Bradford Square is completed. The right to that roadway now lies with the borough. We still must figure out what that costs, but it can't cost very much. The only thing we’re arguing about now is what is just compensation for a fifth interest in a very small portion of a right away. Lastly, the other thing are summer hours which was touched upon earlier. I prepared a memorandum of understanding so that both the borough and the union have a clear understanding that the summer hours are a test run this summer to see how things work.  It's not to be treated as a past practice and it's going to be addressed on a year to year basis. As all things look like it, looks like it's going well right now.

EMS: No report.

Trafford VFD: Fire Chief Lindbloom reported for the month of May it was a slow month there were only 12 emergencies that we handled four of those were rescue emergency medical services calls four for hazardous conditions, carbon monoxide, electrical, things of that nature. Two service calls and two good intent calls which are calls we get dispatched to other towns and are then canceled while in route. On the last page of the report, I always like to brag about the dispatch to arrival on scene time is just under six minutes, five minutes and 42 seconds. We try to stay below the national standard of nine minutes. Dispatch time to the first vehicle and route is just over two minutes, two minutes and 17 seconds from the time were called to the time we have somebody in route to help you. Not bad for an old volunteer service, we had 187 non-emergency medical transports last month. Moving on to the trail a festival thank you for inviting us. We had a great time had a nice big set up out there. We had a CPR demonstration out there, see people running around with stickers on even some little guys got to get in there and get some hands-on experience, on our new mannequins that we received with a grant this year. Harder to see in the daylight and the summertime but when you do it correctly, the veins light up on the mannequin all the way to the brain. So, if you haven't taken a CPR class you should come see it. It's something to see where you could show it, shows exactly what you're doing and that you really are making a difference. It was fun again thanks for having us. We treated one minor injury. I know this is something the mayor had mentioned the staples on the tables. A woman sliced her finger pretty good on one those staples from the table cloth. They were probably old because you're telling people not to do so, but we did have one injury. We were able to treat it on there with a band-aid and.  Other than that, it was fun we saw a lot of people got some sun had a nice day with beautiful weather. Moving on coming up in June our ISO pump testing our pumper this year we'll be doing that out in Penn Township in conjunction with the other departments around.  This is how we get our water movement rating on our ISO public protection rating. We also had two of our members going for their national parole board testing for a fire inspector level three which is a big deal. So, we're happy about that. We'll have two more fire inspector threes at the end of June. It’s starting to get warm summer time is coming it takes a toll on the firefighters. A reminder to everybody about the Burning Ordinance only on Saturdays 8 a.m. until sunset. Yard waste only, yard waste is sticks. So, if you hack down your bushes let it die and get crispy and breakable. If you can bend it don't burn it, it puts off too much smoke. From time to time we put out alerts when it's too dry. It's rained every day since 2017 I think but it's funny how it dries out here quick. When that does happen we usually come here and tell you, so someone can put it on the websites. Some may have noticed our old engine that is parked out in front of the station. We’re attempting to sell it, it turned 30 this year and unfortunately, it's no longer in service after its 30th birthday. It’s a great truck but we are regulated by that. I don't think anybody in here's your having a 30-year-old car. If you are chances are you're not running to emergencies where people's lives depend on it. So, we're going to try to sell it we have to take some of the equipment off of it. We would like permission once we get all the equipment off to the park it across the street in the commercial vehicle parking. I know right now it's in front of the station and the police tend to pull in and out of there and it must be bugging them. It's plugged in right now because we do still have some equipment on, I want to get it off but if council says okay we'll park it across the street while we try to sell it. I will say that our other engine is 20 years old and that's the new look and one that's over there we take good care of it. We wash it, polish it and wax it but it's 20 years old. They cost around $400,000.00 new. We continue to write grants and hold fundraising events and fundraising programs to try to raise those funds. We've got about 10 years left on that one. Thanks to the mayor for reaching out for the parking down on Wallace Ave. I was just going to mention I don't want to beat a horse, but people tend to get out of the way when the fire trucks are coming they hear the horns and sirens. The issue is parked cars don't move. It’s not a problem fires are extremely rare, but we do have emergency vehicles ambulance calls, medical calls down there a lot of times is to the playground. I didn't want to give the impression that people are always over there smoking in our yards or something like that. It's rare I just wanted to be here ahead of time before a tournament, but the Mayor says there are no tournaments scheduled. Regarding renting out the ambulance space we have an agent and an applicant they're working with code enforcement. It's a Department of Health Medical Laboratory ISO approved facility. I've heard the rumors too. I didn't hear E. coli. I heard a bar and a Bingo, which would be cool but it's a Department of Health Facility. We already had that license department of health license to be there as the ambulance. We did lab testing mostly for blood glucose sticks, but we had to have a license. They're going through that same process. They're working with Adam to work that out and I will tell you that I know you guys know this we would never do anything to put the public at risk. So, there's nobody E. coli or Ebola or any of that kind of stuff. No rhesus monkeys or laboratory rats or any of that kind of stuff. But we'll let that process work itself out. The buses have Viaduct Way and Fourth Street torn up If you've noticed the baseball fields are now starting to kick up. There are 2000 visitors there a weekend with all those fields and all those games, there are 2000 people coming in and out. Their impression of Trafford is that ditch over there that they have to drive through to get in and out. I know you're working on it but there are some big chunks broken up. I don't know what to tell you but it's not a really good first impression of the town. Any questions for me about one or more or any of that? I'm always here 24/7 I don't do anything else but this I rarely sleep, so I'm always available. Come over and knock on the door and say hello. Councilman Perovich questioned as far as the building goes does that mean people coming in to get medical testing? Chief Lindbloom stated no, as I understand it's just a laboratory. There’re only two or three employees working there. There's no walkup business. There’re no changes to the building. They explained it to me like a quest only they don't take those samples there. They bring the samples to the location for testing. They wanted the garage because they have two vehicles that drive up and pick up the samples at night and bring it back for testing. We have an agent; the agent is handling the lease that's not our expertise. Mayor Llewellyn questioned who owned the ambulance building? Chief Lindbloom stated we're two separate entities under one management. Mayor Llewellyn questioned where the ambulance service falls. We have an EIN for the ambulance because they get paid and we have an EIN for the volunteers they don't get paid and you can't volunteer where you work. So, we have two separate businesses so to speak, under one management, which is the fire department. Borough Manager Stack questioned where the ambulances will be housed If they're receiving payments. Chief Lindbloom stated they're in the garage at the fire station. Borough Manager Stack stated they’re a non-borough entity. Chief Lindbloom stated It's a private business, for example, some fire departments own a bar, some have bingos, some have rental property. We run an ambulance service. We don't do emergencies in Trafford. The ambulance doesn’t go to emergency medical calls our attack pumper has all of the equipment that an ambulance has on it. Drugs, defibrillators, equipment, everything in ambulance carries except a cot. So, if you're not breathing, or you're having an overdose or a serious medical emergency, we get dispatched with the ambulance were often their first. We provide lifesaving care until they get there. But Penn Township EMS should be transporting to the hospital. Our ambulances take people from their home to the doctors from their home to the hospital or from a hospital to a rehab facility and things of that nature for UPMC. Borough Manager Stack questioned if this is a private business there would need to be an agreement with the borough before we could house the ambulances. Chief Lindbloom stated the ambulances are in their area in the fire station. Borough Manager Stack stated but it's still the boroughs’ building. Solicitor Alexander suggested we schedule a meeting to figure everything out. Borough Manager Stack stated I have residents and if they're saying that they're receiving payments. If you go to Rescue 8 in North Huntington, they have a separate facility. We don't fund drive for him or solicit for the ambulance. It's just if you take a trip, your insurance pays us. We don't fund drive, we don't ask for money from the town. We don't get money from the town for the ambulances. There's certainly a separate entity under the fire department. Same thing if I on the Subway restaurant across the bridge, the profits from that service the fire department. Councilman Cardiff stated I think what you're trying to say is that you're concerned about the legal aspect of running a business out of the borough, out of borough property. Borough Manager Stack stated when the ambulances were separately housed it was a little bit different. I know that they parked outside sometimes and things like that, but if now they're being housed fully here, is that legally I'm just, I'm trying to protect the borough. Solicitor Alexander stated what we need to do is get a meeting together, so we can get all of the information of everything that's going on. Let's get together and talk about it and figure it all out. Councilman Cardiff thanked Chief Lindbloom for reminding everyone about the fire ordinance. Borough Manager Stack stated she will email Craig and work out the details then email Chief Lindbloom to coordinate.

EMC:  No report.

Rec Board: Mary Dobos reported the summer playground program begins on Monday, June 10 and ends on Friday, August 2. The program time is from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Playgrounds that are open are Fairmont and the Terrace. The Port-a- John's will be delivered this Friday and they'll be picked up on Aug 5. Councilman Cardiff stated he put the information on the website.

TECDC: Carol Richardson a member of the TECDC reported they very happy to announce that we are working with the redevelopment authority of Westmoreland County and we are providing the matching funds to demolish a dilapidated building in South Trafford. We're just out waiting for word from the authority as to when that will take place on. We'll be sending the money and in order for them to get busy demolishing that building. We're working on a calendar to have some upcoming events. We are planning a Halloween Bingo and October hopefully with costumes and all kinds of neat activities going on. So, keep an eye out for more information on that. The night of the races that we partnered with the Veterans Memorial Park the veterans are no longer going to be involved with that any longer. We will be doing that and we're looking for another group to partner with. We've had some suggestions and we're following up on that, but we are planning that night at races next year in March.

Councilman Perovich questioned which structure in South Trafford is the TECDC hoping to demo. Carol stated the house on the corner of Wallace and Stewart.

WHT: Councilman Cole stated the event was a success. There is a section of trail between Export and Murrysville people have taken down signs to portions of the trail that haven’t been completed yet this is causing issues with maintenance. 

Mayor’s Report: Mayor Llewellyn reported the next crime watch meeting will be held at the American Legion on June 19, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month.  

General Government: Councilman Perovich stated during the primary election this past May even though the borough does not have any jurisdiction over the new polling location several residents made some comments on the lack of parking for handicap individuals on Homewood Avenue. There is handicap parking in the back of the church, but you must walk up some steps. Councilman Perovich stated he talked to the election bureau as a citizen and their suggestion was to have people call the bureau if they have complaints about the non-access because we do want people to go out and vote. It is unfortunate with the way Homewood Avenue is set up, there's only one handicap parking space and as you know it's on a hill, so people have to walk up and down.

Finance: No report.

Community Development: Councilwoman Peters stated the Westmoreland Heritage Trail Town Festival was a great success and thanked public works, the police department, the fire department, the businesses,and the administrative offices for their efforts.

Public Safety: Councilman Cole stated most of you are aware I am a constable for Westmorland County. On election day a few people made some comments about him carrying a firearm. Councilman Cole stated that is part of a constable’s duties. To be present at the polls to provide security.

Public Works: No report.

Sanitation: No report.

Presidents Report: Councilman Cardiff again thanked all of the individuals who helped with the trail event. As a reminder, we have a meeting July 2nd, but just as a courtesy, we're always looking for safety. With July 4th around the corner fireworks are more abundant now. Please don't lose any digits. Please be respectful of your neighbors. Don't be out there till 11:30 at night when people have children and trying to sleep like mine. Please just be mindful of your neighbors your own safety. Solicitor Alexander stated just because fireworks have been made legal it does not mean you can set them off just anywhere. One of the biggest regulation’s fireworks are not permitted to be set off within 150 feet of an occupied structure. You can be cited for not following these regulations.

Resignation of Civil Service Commission Members

A motion “to accept the resignation of Dennis Hockenberry, Donna Droznek, and Fay Batzel from the civil service board” was made by Councilman Perovich and seconded by Councilman Shoub.

Councilwoman Peters questioned how many members are on the committee. Borough Manager Stack stated there are three and then there should be two alternates. Councilwoman Peters questioned if we had any alternates. Borough Manager Stack stated we do not. Councilwoman Peters stated we have no Civil Service Commission. Borough Manager Stack stated yes, we just received this notice late last week from one and then the other two came in this week. Councilwoman Peters questioned if there was any feedback on why they are resigning.  Borough Manager Stack stated because they weren't notified that we were testing. I would have gladly entertained that and apologize for that but that was not an issue before the way it was handled before. The Civil Service Commission recommended using somebody last time we use Bill Gamble. That was voted on here at a council meeting. It was public knowledge. So, everything else according to civil service was that I was not given any reason that was word of mouth than I'm giving right now that I heard. That's where it's at. As we know, and we talked about at the previous meeting, we had tested for part-time or full time because we are into some issues with the part-time employees and the coverage of shifts and that's where we are this is imperative at this point to make a move on this. The motion carried unanimously 7-0.

Nominations for Civil Service Commission

A motion “to accept nominations for the Civil Service Commission vacancies, expiring December 31, 2023, December 31, 2021, and December 31, 2019” was made by Councilman Cole and seconded by Councilman Shoub.

Councilwoman Peters questioned how the board could accept nominations with no letters of interest and with just finding out tonight. Borough Manager Stack stated previously when we've advertised this, what we're running into with all of our boards, nobody is interested. I'm wasting time and money advertising. Nobody is volunteering. Solicitor Alexander stated anyone sitting in the audience right now could be a member of the Civil Service Commission. Councilwoman Peters stated there is no experience required. A member of the audience stated, “we don't even know what it is”. Solicitor Alexander explained it's the governing body over police testing and some disciplinary infractions if a police officer gets disciplined, he has an avenue to appeal to the Civil Service Commission to hear the appeal or he has an avenue to proceed to arbitration under the collective bargaining agreement. I've been doing this now for almost 30 years and I can tell you that in the 30 years that I've been doing this, I've only seen a police officer go before the Civil Service Commission on one occasion as opposed to going before an arbitrator because usually the arbitrators more employee oriented. The main thing that the Civil Service Commission does is that it certifies the eligibility list. You’ll do a civil service examination when you're hiring new full-time officers. Some contention that even part-time officers should be tested as well. That's an item of contention that's before the supreme court right now. You commission an examination. We hire Bill Gamble like Ashley just mentioned and then the scores are tallied, the Civil Service Commission reviews the scores and they certify the list to the borough so that the borough can hire a new full-time officer. That simple but it's a crucial function to get new full-time officer hired here because we must have a civil service list to hire from. So, if anybody would like to submit a letter of interest to be on Civil Service Commission, we need members big time. We need five of you three regular members and two alternates. Councilman Cardiff stated on Councilmember can sit on the board Solicitor Alexander added but cannot be an alternate.

The motion carried unanimously 7-0.

Councilwoman Peters asked if any members of the audience would like to volunteer to be on the board. Four members of the audience came forward to volunteer. Patricia Paola, George Mcarrison, Chris Corrales, and Brian Lindbloom.

Solicitor Alexander stated the terms for the Civil Service Commission are staggered and the reason they're staggered is that so only one person comes off and then six-year terms after that. The current terms expire December 31, 2019, December 31, 2021, and December 31, 2023.

A motion “to appoint Patricia Paola to the Civil Service Commission with a term expiring December 31, 2023,” was made by Councilman Cole and seconded by Councilwoman Peters. The motion carried unanimously 7-0.

A motion “to appoint George Mcarrison to the Civil Service Commission with a term expiring December 31, 2021,” was made by Councilman Sanders and seconded by Councilwoman Peters. The motion carried unanimously 7-0.

A motion “to appoint Brian Lindbloom to the Civil Service Commission as an alternate with a term expiring December 31, 2023,” was made by Councilman Cole and seconded by Councilwoman Peters. The motion carried unanimously 7-0

A motion “to appoint Chris Corrales to the Civil Service Commission with a term expiring December 31, 2019,” was made by Councilman Perovich and seconded by Councilman Sanders. The motion carried unanimously 7-0

Change part-time police officers wage

A motion “to authorize an increase in pay for the part-time police officers to $20.00/hr. with consensual language to be agreed upon by the Teamsters and Solicitor Alexander.” was made by Councilman Shoub and seconded by Councilman Sanders.

Councilman Cardiff questioned what the current rate for a part-time police officer.

Borough Manager Stack stated the current rate is $15.00/hr., the borough is constantly losing part-time officers. We've had people walk into our office for applications and then we find out that they went to one of the neighboring municipalities because we are well below.  Irwin’s part-time rate is $19.00/hr., Manor’s part-time rate is $20.76/hr. Borough Manager Stack felt the rate of $20.00/hr. was comparable to the boroughs neighboring communities.  It is a waste of resources with advertising, and training. To my understanding, this was not an issue with previous contracts which had part-timers at a higher rate then what our current contract offers now. 

Councilwoman Peters questioned how the budget will be affected for the remainder of the year.

Borough Manager Stack stated currently our overtime is at 85% for the year our full-time officers are having to cover part-time shifts. Right now, we're below for both full time and part-time. Our part-time wages are under 40% they're only at 37.5% and our fulltime wages are at 42.8%.

Solicitor Alexander stated by doing so the borough will save money in the long run. If you are not paying a competitive wage you are not going to find officers to work for you. Universities, hospitals, and schools all have their own police forces. As an employee, if there is an opportunity to make $25.00/hr. versus $15.00/hr. that individual is going to go for the higher rate.

Councilman Cardiff questioned when the current C.B.A expires with the police department. Manager Stack December 31, 2021. Councilman Cardiff expressed concerns for increases in the part-time rate for future contracts. Councilman Cardiff the wage was lowered because Trafford was the highest paying in the area.

The motion carried unanimously 7-0.

Brush Creek tree removal contract

A motion “to authorize a contract with Eveready Contracting not to exceed $6,500.00 for the removal of five trees from Brush Creek” was made by Councilwoman Peters and seconded by Councilman Shoub.

Councilman Perovich questioned if this is regarding the trees under the Wallace Ave Bridge. Borough Manager Stack stated after Don received the proposals the water channels are jeopardizing our lines and that is a major concern. This proposal was provided to the borough over a month ago and there have been additional trees that have now dammed up Don said that it may because of all the heavy rains that we've had recently. The proposal may have changed but Don believes Eveready would work with us.

Public Works Director Lou Corrales stated at this point we're starting to lose some property on the banks. Another concern is for flooding issues. The water is making a second loop around the other side toward the townhomes.

Councilman Cardiff questioned where the money will come from. Borough Manager Stack stated depending on which lines are affected we may be able to take the funds from the sewage fund if the sewer lines are being impaired.

The motion carried unanimously 7-0.

Handicap parking sign

A motion “to approve the placement of a handicap parking sign at 840 8th Street” was made by Councilwoman Peters and seconded by Councilman Shoub. Councilwoman Peters questioned if this has been approved by the Police Department prior, Borough Manager Stack replied yes. The motion carried unanimously 7-0.

Playground program staff list

A motion “to approve PTARC’S staff list for the 2019 Playground Program” was made by Councilwoman Peters and seconded by Councilman Sanders.

Borough Manager Stack stated the list has already been approved by the Recreation Board. The motion carried unanimously 7-0.

New Business

Councilman Cardiff read a letter from Dennis Hockenberry a resident of Seventh Street commending the Police Department and Fire Department for their efforts during a wellness check.


Councilman Cardiff announced the next regular meeting for Tuesday, July 2, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

A motion “to adjourn” was made by Councilman Sanders and seconded by Councilman Shoub. The motion carried unanimously 7-0.