Trafford Borough

Public Hearing for Inter-Municipal Liquor License Transfer

 Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Trafford Borough Council held a public hearing on Inter-Municipal Liquor License Transfer on Tuesday, October 1, 2019, at 6:30 p.m., in the Council Chambers.

Council President, Kris Cardiff, called the hearing to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence.

Roll Call of Attendance by Assistant Borough Manager, Nina Solivan:

(Present)                     Kris Cardiff, President                                    Ed Llewellyn, Mayor                                                            

                                        Casey Shoub, Vice-President                      Craig Alexander, Solicitor        

                                        Leslie Peters, Councilwoman                      Don Glenn, Engineer         

                                        Joshua Sanders, Councilman                       Ashely Stack, Borough Manager      

                                        Steven Perovich, Councilman                     Brian Lindbloom, Fire Chief


(Absent)                                          Cheryl Petersen, Councilwoman               Zackery Cole, Councilman      

Solicitor Alexander stated today is the day and time that we have scheduled for a public hearing to consider public comment on an application for an inter-municipal transfer of a Liquor License, no. R-19223, from the Township of North Huntington to the Borough of Trafford. Monroeville Sports Bar, LLC intends to transfer the Liquor License to 427-429 Cavitt Avenue, Trafford, PA 15085 (formerly Parente’s Ristorante). 

Solicitor Alexander asked if there was a representative for the applicant present.

Mr. Sheldon Klasfeld came forth to the podium and informed council he is the new owner of the Parente’s building. Mr. Klasfeld stated he hopes to be a good representative of the community. He grew up in Monroeville in 1958. He’s had business’ throughout Monroeville and McKeesport. He did acquire the license from the former River Town Pub in North Huntington and is requesting to use it here at Parente’s. Respectfully, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board other than me personally wanting to say hello this hearing is at their request. As a representative of this community, he is accountable to Council, the health department, the PLCB, the citizens, and customers. He hopes to leave a legacy as good as Renee did. He apologized for the restaurant being closed for so long but will do everything to uphold all the good things that everybody would want. Mr. Klasfeld stated he is accessible by phone almost all the time.

Solicitor Alexander asked if anyone had any questions for the applicant.

Mayor Llewellyn asked Mr. Klasfeld what type of establishment the former restaurant will be. Mr. Klasfeld stated he’s talked with the health department and it's going to be similar to what is already existing. Upscale Italian comfort food. Mr. Klasfeld stated he is trying to bring greater revenue to the community.

Solicitor Alexander asked if there were any other questions from the board. Solicitor Alexander asked if any member of the public wished to offer any comment regarding the proposed application.

There was no comment from the public for or against the proposed application and resolution.

A motion “to adjourn the hearing” was made by Councilman Shoub and seconded by Councilman Perovich. The motion carried unanimously 5-0.